LKS Communications Green Credentials

LKS Communications are aware of our effect on the planet and as a business we strive to offer products that limit their effect on the environment.

We offer a full product recycling service so when you purchase equipment from us we will remove your old Telecoms and IT equipment and you can be safe in the knowledge that the equipment will be recycled and components used in the manufacture of new equipment.

The products we offer are all low power consumption and for items such as PoE switches we can configure them so during evenings and weekends they will be on standby thereby reducing your power consumption saving money and the planet at the same time.

We can help you with your overall power consumption for example if you replace a legacy PBX with a software solution then overall power consumption can be reduced by as much as 90% and even with other server based solutions we can reduce power consumption by as much as 93%

Other areas we can help your business to reduce your carbon footprint is to help with Homeworker and Teleworker support reducing the need to travel so not using cars, trains etc will reduce how your business affects the planet. Using our Homeworker solutions is a win-win situation as you do not need to add any additional hardware just use software licences as required. It is well known that if you use in house voice and video conferencing then business travel can be reduced by around 30% offering significant cost saving and a massive reduction in carbon output.

The OpenScape UC Suite includes:

OpenScape UC Application is an open, complete and flexible software solution enabling user productivity, conferencing and collaboration as well as enabling remote, mobile and home-based workers.

OpenScape Video is the first single-vendor, unified video conferencing solution integrating high-definition (HD) video, desktop PC video, voice and presence into a single powerful communication environment.

OpenScape Voice centralizes your voice communications into software-based IT telephony solution that makes best use of wired or wireless networks to deliver rich and resilient communications. This requires far less hardware, energy and personnel to run lowering costs.