Control Phreak PBX firewall

PBX/PABX firewall automatic toll fraud & dial through fraud prevention.

Telephone systems are just as vulnerable to phone hacker (phreaking) attacks as PCs and while most companies go to great lengths to protects their LANs and PCs from these attacks with firewalls and anti-virus systems, they leave their phone systems completely unprotected even though companies can go bankrupt on the phone bills telecommunications bandits generate through the illegal use of phone systems and dial through fraud. It's big business and organised crime and no one with a phone system is safe from this criminal activity.

Phreakers usually strike after hours, at the weekend or during Public Holidays when detection is least likely but you will end up paying the bill after they've hijacked your phone system and extensions to make illegal calls anywhere they choose - often at huge cost to you.

Control Phreak automatically stops all of this activity in its tracks.  You decide how liberal or restrictive the flow of call traffic will be through your phone system and you're always in control of the rules governing this flow so that the legitimate phone traffic of your business is never compromised while your phone system remains completely safe from phreakers.

Control Phreak applies your call authorization rules continuously and automatically 24 hours a day or for the time period you specify providing automatic and continuous protection for your phone system.  Unauthorized inbound, outbound and diverted calls (the usual route of phreakers) are killed instantly without you having to lift a finger.  Unattended modems and voicemail ports are also monitored for illegal activity and any attempts to hijack them for unauthorized call activity and are killed instantly.

Control Phreak Key Points

  • PABX/PBX hacking (phreaking) is common.  It's organised crime and big business
  • Telephone systems everywhere are targets & telecommunications bandits know how to gain access to your phone system by reconfiguring it to route their own calls through it
  • Phreakers can hack phone systems, voicemail boxes & PINs in a few seconds to gain illegal access to your extensions
  • Most toll fraud is generated after hours when it's least likely to be detected
  • Phreakers can the most by routing expensive international calls through private phone systems
  • Terrorist organisations use telecommunications fraud to generate funds by illegally gaining access to private phone systems and then re-selling the service
  • Control Phreak provides total & automatic PABX control
  • You set the rules to authorize only the inbound & outbound calls you designate
  • Control Phreak applies your own pre-defined authorization rules by distinguishing between modem & phone calls
  • Control Phreak automatically applies your call authorization rules 24 hours a day or for a specified time period per rule
  • Control Phreak applies your authorization rules by inbound, outbound and diverted calls - the preferred route of phreakers
  • Control Phreak controls who can and can't call your freephone number to prevent abuse of this service
  • Control Phreak blocks time-wasting telemarketers, fax spammers, market researchers and other unsolicited junk calls
  • Control Phreak blocks modem calls from your extensions to prevent internal phreaking by your staff and to provide additional protection from virus, hacker and spy attacks for your LAN
  • Control Phreak kills unauthorised calls instantly
  • Control Phreak retains a complete log of all killed calls