Mitel HX IP Communications Platform


In today's competitive business environment, you understand the need to optimise the performance of your organisation by utilising technology that allows you to operate more effectively. Voice over IP (VoIP) can add value to your organisation, and with Mitel's latest product offering you have a system that considers your unique business requirements, allowing you to deploy VoIP technology efficiently, effectively and successfully.

The Mitel HX Series is a family of IP-centric communications server products built on an advanced hardware architecture that optimises the latest in VoIP technology, while leveraging Mitel's long history of feature development and 35 years of industry experience.

Combining your voice system and your data network affords you the cost-effective and competitive edge your business needs to succeed. The Mitel HX IP communication platform offers a network-centric communications solution that allows you to join geographically dispersed associates and multi-site locations. Whether you are connecting offices and applications together over a data network, or deploying IP endpoints to employees in or out of the office, all your employees have access to the same system features as if they were located in your central office. Additionally, the Mitel HX IP communications platform supports multiple software applications. The results are operational efficiencies and a foundation for a more flexible infrastructure.

Mitel HX Features

Dynamic Extension Application The Mitel telephone system includes a new application called Dynamic Extension Express. This is personal routing like we’ve never seen before! It’s personal in that each user can create a personal ring group that includes your selected associated destinations. Dynamic Extension Express can be routed to up to five destinations!

  • Voice Mail to Email
  • Record a Call
  • Click and Dial from the PC
  • Phone Manager Application
  • Auto-Attendant Facility
  • Home Working
  • Mobile Twinning