The Hubb@ - a unique 3G access gateway

Hubb@ - a high speed mobile/wireless "Voice enabled" solution. Internet access anywhere with no fixed line required.

LKS Communications are always looking to bring Best of Breed Products to market and in particular we like to supply products that can sort a genuine business problem. so are you:

  • Struggling to get Broadband in your premises or remote building?
  • Looking for instant Disaster Recovery?
  • Working Remotely or in various locations throughout the UK?
  • Looking for Broadband or Land Phone on your Boat or Caravan?

Then the Hubb@ is the reliable effective 3G Mobile Data Gateway solution to these problems. Powered by WiBE Technology with a unique system of aerial technology extending the reach of the unit beyond that of traditional dongles, no fixed line is required - just plug the hubb@ into the mains, and hey presto you have got 3G broadband. No special software to load on your PC just connect via WiFi in the regular way.

  • Acts as a 3G Broadband Gateway - no telephone lines required
  • Wireless Hub - connect your iPad, laptops, desktops or any WiFi device
  • Instant Broadband - plug in and go
  • Up to 6Mb download uses include - Boats, Farms, Rural Locations


As it does not require a fixed line, there are no hold ups with BT lines or problems associated with being too far from your local exchange to get a decent service. The Hubb@ is up and running in minutes and can easily be moved from location to location.

The Hubb@ uses patented intelligent radio antenna technology to deliver a unique and enhanced 3G broadband, voice ready and Wi-Fi service that’s ideal for all individuals and businesses of all sizes right across the UK.

With downloads of 7.2Mb and uploads of up to 5.6Mb, the Hubb@ is a truly portable broadband service, which works wherever you can get a mobile phone signal.

With 98% of the UK covered by combinations of the mobile networks, the Hubb@ is an everywhere and anywhere broadband solution for businesses that need right now connectivity at an affordable price.

To many users a simple 3G dongle seems like an easy solution

The Hubb@ vs 3G Dongle

  • Dongles have small, poor performance antennas that are non-directional
  • This leads to limited range and low data throughput, particularly at a cell edge
  • The hubb@ features patented technology with optimized antennas, that have high gain and are directional
  • The high gain in direction of wanted signal gives improved signal strength of 21db and high rejection of interfering signals from other base stations – this also gives greatly improved performance at a cell edge

The Hubb@ has been reviewed by the BBC Technology Program Click - View the video

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