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HiPath Range


A flexible communications platform for small and medium-sized businesses that scales up to 500 users

HiPath 3000 is a modular communications platform that delivers an industry leading feature set for small and medium sized businesses of up to 500 users. Plus support for any combination of TDM, analogue and VoIP telephones, PC clients and cordless phones make it ideal for many types of environments.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-site networking allows businesses with remote sites to operate it as one system
  • Lower call charges by using IP telephony between sites or over the Internet.
  • Access to industry-leading telephony features in TDM or IP environments

In addition to boasting a broad range of platform and connectivity options, HiPath 3000 also offers several modules that significantly enhance the communications capabilities of the solution:

OpenScape Office MX

Built specifically for small-to-medium-sized businesses, OpenScape Office helps organizations work more productively, improve customer service and save money.

Xpressions Compact Integrated Voicemail and Conferencing

Enhancing generic voice messaging of office telephony, Xpressions Compact provides a unified voice mailbox for users’ desk and mobile phones, enabling them to receive voicemail messages via email, record calls, and more.

HG1500 Gateway Card for IP Communications and Broadband Connectivity

This module provides IP communications capabilities for the HiPath 3000, allowing companies to deploy VoIP telephony solutions, use SIP trunking, and features integrated VPN capabilities.

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