Openscape Voice Messaging

Much more than voicemail. It’s unified messaging.

OpenScape Xpressions provides one central inbox for all messages—voice, email, fax and SMS text—enabling mobile and home-based workers to stay connected all the time.

You can be more productive. More efficient. More responsive. And because Xpressions is mobile, all this is available wherever you are.

The most natural interface.

Text-to-speech capabilities let you hear your emails, by reading them to you. Speech-to-text lets you read voice messages. OpenScape Xpressions uses natural language understanding, so you can retrieve messages - in whatever form - wherever you are.

And it knows who’s important to you, pushing their messages to the top. Could that come in handy when blasting through rush hour?

No more missed calls.

Don’t struggle with call-backs and missed calls. Don’t worry about manually re-routing calls and taking messages. Unified Messaging empowers you to process large volumes of incoming voice traffic and other communications, accurately and correctly, so you can be more productive.