iSDX, Realitis and HiPath DX



The Siemens iSDX has been the networking system of choice for hospitals, police forces, local authorities and large corporate companies.

The iSDX was sold under many guises as the Plessey iSDX, British Telecom Merlin DX 300 and 3000, Telephone Rentals Telematic DX or TDX300 and TDX3000.The system has subsequently been rebadged as the Siemens Realitis and latterly as Siemens Hipath DX.

LKS Communications has vast experience on the ISDX system and can provide a total range of support services including all types of installation, support, program changes, and Maintenance including any associated equipment such as voicemail or PC based operator consoles.

LKS Communications can provide additional hardware including extension interfaces, digital telephone interfaces and telephones together with services such as system relocations.

The Most common system is the iSDX Micro, iSDX 300 (S) and iSDX3000 (L).


Realitis and HiPath DX

The Realitis DX (HiPath DX) communications server is an IP communications platform incorporating switching functions, a rich feature set and offering open interfaces and gateways delivering the benefits of network convergence and collaborative applications.

HiPath DX Release 9 brings the DX family into the HiPath family, allowing it to access a range of new work-points, common connectivity between other HiPath platforms and common applications. HiPath DX provides:

  • IP capability through the use of HG3500-DX family of integrated Gateways
  • Reduced costs and improved efficiency through the convergence of existing voice and data networks
  • A smooth migration path to convergence, whilst maintaining existing investment in traditional telephony hardware increased application capability and mobility to mirror business changes
  • Leveraging the benefits of an IP infrastructure without sacrificing feature richness, availability, and reliability

The HiPath DX is able to work seamlessly across circuit switch or data network infrastructures, integrates with other products in the HiPath architecture and supports a wide variety of fixed and mobile end points.

The HiPath DX is available in two variants, the HiPath DX and the HiPath DXR. Both platforms provide customers with a modular, flexible system.

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