Unify Unified Communications Application

Sometimes the most powerful ideas are the simplest ideas

It’s a common notion that unified communications means simply bringing together a lot of different things. Video from here. Chat from there. Web collaboration from somewhere else. Add some voice and email, run it through a magic box and, voila! Communications are “unified.”

Well, no. There’s a simpler, smarter approach—one that doesn’t sacrifice anything except complexity.

Comprehensive, truly unified communications for large enterprises.

The OpenScape Unified Communications Application is everything your team needs to amplify collective effort and dramatically improve performance. All in one neat, clean package, with mobile access to UC capabilities—wherever it’s needed.

Do you need scalability, security and reliability?
We do those.

Scalability? The OpenScape Unified Communications Application scales from 100 to 500,000 users. On a single system.

Security? SRTP, SDES, IPSec, TSL, XACML. Yes, it’s an alphabet soup, but those technologies combine to make a highly secure collaboration tool.

Reliability? Carrier-grade hardware redundancy and specialized software deliver reliability and superior availability for mission-critical communications.

Unified Communications - a must have

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Unify formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications