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These include anything from business problem solving to custom IT solutions to enable business growth.

Best Practice: The business is making money and IT works but there has to be room for improvement...    

Network Performance Issues: It all works well but sometimes runs slowly….

IT Cost Analysis and Reduction: Is your IT spend over 5% of your company’s gross revenue? Is your management team looking for answers?  We can help your IT provide value to your business.

Training: for users on new and existing systems to enable a more efficient workforce.

Security Transformation: As security threats become more sophisticated and digital opportunities multiply, businesses need to be proactive in their security efforts. We can help your business develop a security strategy to avert threats, minimize risks and capitalize on new technologies promoting growth.

IT Strategy: Our IT strategy services focus on two key areas: creating innovative and practical IT strategies to support the business, and defining and implementing the changes required to the IT organization and processes to execute that strategy.  As part of that work, we help clients align their business and IT priorities, help to explore business opportunities provided by new technology innovation and build the plans and investment rationale for the proposed IT capabilities.

Business Continuity: Businesses can take weeks to recover from a major disaster. Some never do! Ensuring you have an effective DR plan in place is vital in today’s marketplace. With the latest technologies available, having a reliable and robust DR solution is cost effective and affordable to businesses of all sizes.